Minneapolis Product Liability Lawyers

This kind of liability is for manufacturers or companies making any kind of products that people use. If the manufacturers are proven to be selling or have already sold products that are not working properly or are in defective conditions, they will be held responsible by law for all the damages that their products could or have already caused to users and consumers. There are specific laws governing the quality of the products that should be sold to consumers. The products should be free from any defects and other factors that could result in injuries and damages to the users. This is to protect the rights of consumers who are paying money for these products.

Below is a list of common product liability products with the potential for high injury:

  • Edible foods from a grocery store or fast food chain
  • Cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.
  • Baby strollers and baby feeding bottles
  • Automobiles and automobile products (tires, seats, safety seats for children)
  • Children’s toys, swings, bikes and sporting goods

Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs include:

  • Vioxx
  • Nuvaring
  • Trasylol
  • Bextra
  • Crestor
  • Accutane
  • Meridia
  • Serevent

Minneapolis Defective Product Attorney

Any artifact manufactured by a company is called a product. It could be food, appliances, toys, clothing, shoes, vehicles, medicine, and many other things. A product will be considered as defective if that particular product could cause or bring any kind of harm and danger upon the user. But the user has the responsibility of using the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Users should never use any item or product for any purpose other than what it’s intended to, this is necessary to avoid any kind of danger.

Manufacturers or companies selling products that are originally dangerous in nature like sharp objects are not covered by the product liability because people are already aware of the dangers that these products could bring. The only responsibility of the manufacturer is to give users sufficient warning and awareness about the possible dangers of using the product. If despite all the warnings, they will still be injured due to wrong handling or use of these objects, the manufacturer will not be held liable. But there are also some cases when these products are also considered defective and you will need a good lawyer to prove this.

There are 2 main categories of defects and these are manufacturing and design defect. Manufacturing defects generally refer to the company’s failure to produce products in a good and working condition. These are often isolated cases as the other products that came from the same manufacturer are usually found to be working perfectly. If all the products have the same problems, then this could be considered a design defect. The one who designed the products must have missed a very important safety feature that could prove to be dangerous for the future users. Manufacturers have the responsibility of assuring that their products are safe by conducting a quality check before they sell them to consumers.

Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyer & Attorney

Of course there are still some exceptions in product liability laws and this could not be a simple thing to identify if you are unfamiliar with these laws. You will definitely need the expertise of the lawyers from Sabby and Reyes LLC in pursuing any kind of product liability case against the manufacturer of a defective product. Call us at 952-828-9000 and we can discuss the details of your case. We could also give you detailed information about your legal options so we could determine the best approach. We have handled lots of product liability cases in the past so you can be sure that our lawyers are competent in this field of personal injury cases.

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