Minneapolis Premises Liability Lawyers

Premises liability applies when you’ve had an accident while in a property that belongs to someone else. It could be another person’s home, building, apartment, or any piece of land. If someone has invited you over to his or her place, that property owner should ensure that the place will be safe not only for you and but for any other person visiting the property. If the property owner has failed to secure the safety of the guest in his/her property, a premises liability case could be filed against him/her.

If you think that you need to file a premises liability lawsuit against someone, the best thing to do would be to contact some of the excellent attorneys in the area. The lawyers at Sabby & Reyes LLC are highly skilled when it comes to handling premises liability cases. Call 952-828-9000 now and talk to one of our litigators about your case so we could determine the best thing to do. We are committed in giving our clients the kind of compensation they deserve especially if the accident has resulted to injuries and other damages.

Minneapolis Slip and Fall Attorneys

There are many kinds of accidents that could happen inside somebody else’s property and two of the most common among these cases are slip and fall accidents and accidents that happen on escalators, improperly cared for floors, and in elevators. Our experienced lawyers could help you determine in which category your case is included in. Knowing the exact case to file is very important in winning cases like these. Premises liability cases are tough and these will require brilliant minds, quick actions, and a lot of skills acquired from real-life experiences.

The property owners should be responsible for the accidents that happened inside his/her property and these include the injuries and damages resulting from the incident. But you have to ensure that you have the right to be in that particular property when the accident happened to be eligible for a premises liability. This means that the owner is aware that you are coming over and that he/she has given you the consent or permission to be there. If it will be proven that you are only trespassing when the accident happened, then the owner will not be held liable for anything that happened to you.

The premises liability laws also apply to owners of playgrounds, business office parks, theme parks, or any recreational facility. They should ensure the safety of their premises especially if they are charging people some fees. One good example of this is a theme park owner. The owner should make sure that the rides are safe and could hold the riders securely. If someone falls from any of the rides resulting in injuries, the owner of the park will be held liable for all the damages. Owners of day care facilities are also bound by these premises liability laws. They must make sure that their place is safe for a child to be in. If something happens to your child while inside these facilities, call us here at Sabby & Reyes LLC and we’ll make sure that you’ll be appropriately compensated for all the damages and losses.

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If you or someone you love has been injured, contact the attorneys at Sabby & Reyes LLC today. Their attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to serve and help you. They offer convenient meeting schedules and locations to assist their clients in this often stressful process. You may be entitled to serious monetary compensation to cover your losses.

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