Minneapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Driving a motorcycle is considered to be more dangerous that driving an ordinary car or other four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycle accidents happen almost everyday. Whether the accident was due to your own, the manufacturers’, or the other driver’s fault, it could result to serious damages and injuries.

Motorcycle drivers are exposed and unlike cars, there are no seat belts and minimal safety equipment so it could incur more severe injuries and devastating damages in case an accident happens. In Minnesota, often motorcycle drivers’ hit the road without helmets or appropriate padding which lead to more serious injuries in a motorcycle crash.

There are 2 primary causes of motorcycle accidents: accidents caused when a motorist swerves in front of a motorcycle because they cannot see the motorcycle and accidents where the rider’s inexperience was apparent (such as improper steering around curves or poor use of brakes).

Even though you are an experienced and skilled driver, you follow all the traffic rules, and you have taken the appropriate motorcycle driving courses including safety and defensive driving, those will not guarantee that you will be completely safe on the road.

One wrong turn or miscalculation on your part could easily result to an accident. You also could not tell that other drivers will be as careful as you especially during rush hours when every driver just wants to get to their destinations as soon as they can. A lot of motorcycle accidents also happen during night time. Some drivers can’t easily see a motorcycle at night and this is a major cause of motorcycle accidents.

Minneapolis Motorcycle Crash Attorneys

Another thing that could cause a motorcycle accident is a faulty part of the vehicle itself. This could be a manufacturing defect that you didn’t notice earlier. But this is sometimes hard to prove as it will need a lot of investigation. Sabby & Reyes LLC motorcycle accidents lawyers are used to this kind of vehicle accidents and we have handled lots of cases like this in the past. We have represented clients who got involved in motorcycle accidents and we have helped them recover their losses involving the cost of medical treatment, lost wages both current and future, pain and suffering, and the cost of the restoration and repair of the motorcycle.

Sabby and Reyes LLC lawyers have dealt with different kinds of motorcycle accidents and we can assure you that you’ll receive sufficient compensation for all the damages and injuries caused by the accident. In case the accident was caused by defective products, we will make sure that the manufacturer will be held liable for the whole incident. Lawyers at Sabby and Reyes LLC aim to get the highest settlement for our clients so you can be sure that you will get enough, if not more, for your losses.

Minneapolis Personal Injury Attorney & Lawyer

The determined motorcycle accidents lawyers of Sabby and Reyes LLC will perform a careful investigation of the incident to be able to decide on how much you should get from this. We will consider all the factors that contribute to your losses and should be covered. Minneapolis personal injury lawyers of Sabby & Reyes LLC will use skills, knowledge, and expertise in this field to increase the settlement to your advantage. In case you got involved in any kind of motorcycle accident, don’t waste any time and give us a call immediately at 952-828-9000.

Their attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to serve and help you. They offer convenient meeting schedules and locations to assist their clients in this often stressful process. You may be entitled to serious monetary compensation to cover your losses.

Remember – you do not have to pay a dime unless we recover compensation for you.